Dr. Emma MakSenior Music Therapist

Centre Director


UK HCPC Registered Music Therapist

B.Sc., M.Sc., PCed.,  M.A. (Music Therapy), D.W.S.


Dr. Emma Mak is the first UK registered ( UK-HCPC Health & Care Professions Council ) Music (Arts) Therapist practicing in Hong Kong. She became the second person in Hong Kong who acquired the title of Fellow of the Academy for the R.F. Unkefer Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy.

Dr. Mak's professional practice covers both Music Psychotherapy Services and Neurologic Music Therapy. Area of Music Psychotherapy covers children psychodevelopmental, depression, and anxiety issues, adolescent and adult depression,  early psychosis, psychosomatic disorders, stress related issues and people who are seeking personal growth.... etc. Area of NMT covers the use of music in facilitating speech, movements, cognitive development, social interactions, and even praise and worship! 

Ms. Eva MakPsychologist

Registered Educational Psychologist

Expert in ASD, ADHD, SpLD, & Children Psychological Development Issues

Ms Eva Mak has over 10-years experiences in assessing and treating children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. She is well known in her Autistic Spectrum Disorders interventions and Parent-Child interacting skills. She is also the consultant of "The Parents Association of Autistic Children in Mainstream Education".

She is expert in designing group and individual interventions for children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia, as well as in creating and publishing of training manuals for autistic and dyslexic children. She was the Team Leader of writers of "Autistic Training Package" and team leader of the working group of "PEP-3", an autistic assessment tool, in Heep Hong Society.

Ms Mak work closely with music therapist, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, and teachers to provide the most holistic intervention for children and families.  



Counselling Psychologist






Ms. Candace Chocounsellor



曹女士在多年的生活和工作過程中, 見證到香港社會的發展, 深刻體會到香港人因面對社會的改變、經濟轉型, 家庭結構受到沖擊 。 很多市民也承受著多方面的壓力, 有些甚至可能出現焦慮, 情緒低落, 缺乏安全感……等負面情緒。 曹女士深信健康遠不止於身體免於疾病, 而是全人身、心、靈的舒適康泰。於是, 她用多年時間, 憑著豐富的社會經驗及多年臨床護理的基礎上, 進行一系列的進修, 專研輔導與及心靈醫治 。 在學習期間, 她理論與實踐並重, 以致其服務之對象, 均得到適切的幫助, 效果顯著。


她藉著敏銳的觀察、專業的判斷、致誠的關懷、能解讀各人的需要, 並且讓每一個與她接觸的人都能感到被接納, 彼能安全和舒適地作出自我探索、認識自我、提升自我解難能力、跨越障礙、發揮自我潛能、達致自我成長。


生活是一條成長路, 有時是陽光的大道, 但也有幽暗和荊棘滿途時刻。當經歷壓力, 例如生活逆境、生活變遷、關係變異、親友離去等情況, 輔導服務確實可提供即時的舒緩, 彼能過渡哀傷, 排解困難, 尋找生命的新方向, 適應新的生活。 她相信生活挑戰也可以是成長歷練、一個自我提升的契機, 只要無懼困難, 讓潛能再現, 我們便可以活得更精彩。


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