KMS Approved Dojang 世界跆拳道聯盟註冊道場

KMS Approved Dojang 世界跆拳道聯盟註冊道場

Posted by music on April 26, 2017

2017 年4 月27日起,香港音樂治療中心正式成為 世界跆拳道  註冊道場


日後我們也致力為香港提供跆拳道訓練、音樂跆拳道發展、SEN 跆拳道、國際裁判服務、長者跆拳道、跆拳道晉升試等等。

From 27th April 2017, the Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre had became a registered Dojang ( Taekwondo School) under the World Taekwondo Kukkiwon Membership System (KMS). We will start to provide Taekwondo training, music taekwondo, SEN taekwondo, elderly taekwondo, International Referee services, and taekwondo grading service. 


註冊 Registration information:


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