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說再見 - 音樂治療師之感想 The Healthy "Goodbye" - The Reflection of the Music Therapist

Posted by music on September 14, 2018

說再見 - 音樂治療師之感想

The Healthy "Goodbye" -  The Reflection of the Music Therapist 

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這天又到跟這可愛的B 女說再見。孩子來的時候對說話有一點的心理障礙。在要說再見時B女送我一堆她喜歡的玩具。她使用了言語及行動正面處理分離,表達情感,我也不能不收下Smile。謝謝孩子對我的愛,給予寶貴的關係及信任,也感謝家長之合作及委以重任Embarassed


It's time to say "Goodbye"! Music Psychotherapy serve both adults and children. I cannot recount the number of children I had treated. Every child say goodbye to their beloved Music Space in very different ways.

Today it's time to say Goodbye to a precious little girl again. Little girl searched her bag and gave me a lot of her toys as presents. Although it is not a usual practice to receive gifts from clients, I acknowledge my little girl's unique way of dealing with separation and her healthy way of expressing her feelings through words and deeds. Thank you for your love for me. Thank you for the trust you put in me and for letting me into your world. I am grateful for the trust parents had put in me and for their cooperations in the therapy process.

My first children Music Psychotherapy client is a boy with Down syndrome. His mom took pictures of us near the end of the therapy. By the time I came back to Hong Kong to start my practice practice in 2008, I decided to bring this precious photo with me and keep it on my desk. My 'goodbye' with this precious child had turned to a reminder serving my therapeutic practice even since. As my experience as a Music Therapist grew over time, my relationship with him reminds me that I must continue to treasure every individual who come into my life through my Music Therapy practice, who open up their hearts to me. I feel blessed to be your Therapist and be able to witness you growing up in the Music Space!Smile


Your therapist,

Emma Mak

Director of the Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre

香港音樂治療中心總監 麥依汶

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By Emma Mak

Director of the Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre 




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