“Use of Music in Dementia Care”: Experiential Staff Training Workshop for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

「以音樂服務老年癡呆症」前線及專業工作人員體驗工作坊 - 東華三院集團

「以音樂服務老年癡呆症」前線及專業工作人員體驗工作坊 - 東華三院集團

Posted by music on December 31, 2013

“Use of Music In Dementia Care” Project: Experiential Staff      Workshop for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

     As part of Tung Wah Group of Hospital’s project on “Use of Music In Dementia Care”, Director of the Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre, Ms. Emma Mak had conducted a Experiential Workshop for 30 staffs working in the organization’s Elderly Services Section.          The workshop was conducted on 13 Dec 2013. Attendees include both frontline and professional staff, such as Social Workers, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, and frontline Program Workers.

     Participants were involved in experiencing the power of music in stress management, interpersonal connections, and personal reflections etc. Case studies of Music Psychotherapy were also presented.

      Due to tremendously good responses in enrollment, another Experiential Workshop will be held on 20 Feb., 2014. The Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre would like to thank colleagues from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals for your support. We look forward to share with you soon!

「以音樂服務老年癡呆症」前線及專業工作人員體驗工作坊 -


 香港音樂治療中心總監 及 音樂治療師 麥依汶小姐,於本月 (2013年12月13日) 為東華三院集團 之「以音樂服務老年癡呆症」計劃,帶領為前線及專業的工作人員而設的體驗 工作坊。當日之參加者包括社工,職業治療師,物理治療師,和前線工作人員 等等。內容包括壓力管理,人際網絡,個人探索及音樂心理治療之長者服務之專題分享等等。





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