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Posted by music on September 1, 2018

Happy Start of School 







It is time to start another school year! Children who receive Music Therapy and training services at the Hong Kong Music Therapy Center are ready to return to the school. Some of our children even start school for their first time in life!

We would like to thank supportive parents for their encouragement and appreciation. A parent said, "We are in time for school!". What she said remind us of the value and need of music therapy!

Adaptation to school life can be made easier if we can help the child to enjoy learning, to properly response to instructions, and develop  a certain level of speech ability before starting school. Providing children with appropriate treatment and training at a early stage helps children to adjust to school life, and thus can greatly improve the quality of life of both children and parents. We hope to accompanied parents and children to solve the difficulties that children may encounter in their growth. 

The Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre wishes all children and parents a happy start to school!

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By Emma Mak

Director of the Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre 




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