Spotify「香港人聽音樂習慣」音樂- 心理

Spotify「香港人聽音樂習慣」音樂- 心理

Posted by music on October 26, 2016

Thank you Spotify for inviting our Music Therapist, Ms. Emma Mak in writing for Spotify's research data concerning Hong Kongers' music listening habits. The article had already been published in The "Hong Kong Economic Times" this Monday (24 October, 2016). It's an interesting article, we hope our friends will like it too!

感謝Spotify的邀請!我們的音樂治療師麥依汶女士為Spotify有關「香港人聽音樂習慣」的研究數據寫的文章已於本週一(2016年10月24日)的「經濟日報」刊登了! 文章頗有趣,希望香港音樂治療中心的朋友們也會喜歡吧!

"Hong Kong Economic Times" (24 October, 2016) Hong Kongers' music listening habits

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「香港人聽音樂習慣」Spotify Research



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