Teen情 計劃 臨床督導

Teen情 計劃 臨床督導

Posted by music on June 13, 2018

Director of the Hong Kong Music Therapy Centre, Ms Emma Mak had been the Music Therapist of the youth community mental health project since 2011. Since January 2018, Ms. Emma Mak started to also involved in providing clinical supervisions for the professional colleagues of the “Teen Project” concerning their professional growth and project intervention at schools. Through the professional collaborations of Arts Psychotherapy and Social Work professionals, “Teen Project” is using quality arts and creative means in serving youngsters at many mainstream school in Hong Kong.


香港音樂治療中心音樂治療師暨  總監  麥依汶小姐 2011年起一直擔任青少年「浸信會愛羣社會服務處」社區精神健康 「青少年身心導航服務」 的音樂治療師。 

20181月起, 麥依汶小姐小姐獲參與為該項目的專業同事提供臨床督導。通過藝術心理治療和社會工作專業人員的專業合作,「青少年身心導航服務」 Teen 情計劃在香港很多主流學校中使用藝術和創造性的方法為年輕人提供服務。幫助有需要的 青少年 透過言語難以表達的思想和情感建立人與人的聯繫,輔助他們邁向人生未來的旅程!



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