Mindset Finale「「思健藝飛翔」嘉年華

Mindset Finale「「思健藝飛翔」嘉年華

Posted by music on January 11, 2019

【 Free event for the community 】
明天早上11:00-12:30, 下午2:00-6:00,音樂治療師 Emma MAK 麥依汶小姐 會在荃新天地2期 與大家玩樂器.
You are invited to visit Citywalk 2 and walk-in to music making with Music therapist Emma Mak tomorrow at “Mindset Expression Finale”.
The Mindset project is supported by Jardine Matheson Group as an effort to care for the Hong Kong’s community mental wellness.
Hope to see you tomorrow!

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