Music Space  

Music Space offers our clients an environment that offers a safe space for sharing and thinking, the process facilitates healthy expression of emotions, the exploration of personal strength and potential, and the discovery of ways of relating to people etc. Music Space helps remove psychological obstacles that hinder personal growth and development.  


An effective way of communication

  • Music Space is where one can play freely on a variety of musical instruments to 'speak' what's on his / her mind.   
  • At times, music can make more sense than words. Musical sounds are not only very easy to produce, but readily reflect thoughts, intentions, and feelings.
  • In finding an effective way of communicating feelings and needs to others, Music Space could help in minimizing suppression of feelings and maladaptive patterns of communications, such as tantrums and development of behavioral problems.

We work with ALL individuals who encounter a problem or an obstacle of pschological stems.



Whole Person Development

Increase clarity of life direction and goal. Nurturing 'psychological muscles' and a healthy psychological balance.

Emergency Support and follow-up

Loss, trauma, bereavement, painful experience, extreme life stress, losing touch with emotions etc.


Children & Families

 Family interactions and related children behaviors or symptoms, mother-baby interactions, psychological development of children, selective mutism, children depression & anxiety

Mid-life & Older adults

Dementia, retirement, depression, anger, mid-life crisis

Mental health and wellness

All degree of psychiatric disorders and psychological distress, Carers, wellness for  chronically ill, psychosis, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, panic attacks, phobia, anorexia and bulimia etc

Physical symtoms / Psycho-somatic pain / illness

Physical or physiological symptoms arising form psychological factors

 Others Palliative care, self growth, life stress and conflict areas, retirement


We provide Music Space (Music Psychotherapy) for:


Although we have a lot of successful cases in treating more serious psychological disorders (such as anxiety disorders, psychosis, schizophrenias), we encourage you to call in as soon as you notice a psychological problems to avoid it becoming more serious.

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